HIS BOOKS:          The Concubine (novel) London: Heinemann (1966);           The Great Ponds (novel) London: Heinemann (1969);           The Slave (novel) London: Heinemann (1977);           Estrangement (novel) London: Heinemann (1987);           Isiburu (play) London: Heinemann (1973);           Sunset in Biafra (war diary) London: Heinemann (1973);           Peppersoup (play) Onibonoje: Ibadan (1977);           The Road to Ibadan (play) Onibonoje: Ibadan (1977);           Dancer of Johannesburg (play) Onibonoje: Ibadan (1977);           Ethics in Nigerian Culture (philosophy) London: Heinemann (1982);           The Woman of Calabar (play) Gitelle Press, Port Harcourt (2002);           Speaking and Singing (Essays and Poems) University of Port Harcourt Press (2003);           When God Came (Science Fiction) University of Port Harcourt Press (2011)                                        

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